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January 2023

Air Canada has upped their game with exclusive new in-flight features

If you are a sports fan flying with Air Canada just got a whole lot better!  Over the holiday season (Dec 2022) the airline launched Live TV on select domestic flights, which means passengers will no longer miss out on exciting live-action sports games while in the air.

With six live channels in both English and French, passengers will also be able to keep up-to-date with live national news onboard.

TV programming consists of TSN 1, TSN 2, and RDS, which will deliver comprehensive live sports coverage for marquee sports events including soccer, hockey, basketball, football, baseball, and more; CTV News Channel for 24-hour worldwide breaking news; LCN, Quebec’s all-news station; and BNN Bloomberg for all things new in the business and finance world.

As an industry leader, Air Canada is the only Canadian airline to offer Live TV onboard. This new service will be available to all passengers on select domestic flights as part of the airline’s complimentary and extensive inflight entertainment offerings.

The airline is also increasing its in–flight entertainment and Wi–Fi offerings as part of a significant investment to elevate the flying experience for all passengers.  Throughout 2023, Air Canada plans to expand its Live TV service to more flights while bringing even more cutting-edge content and features. Currently, 40 Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Airbus A330, and Airbus A220 aircraft are Live TV-enabled.



New seat selection and bag fees

WestJet is making changes to their seat selection and checked baggage fees. An overview of the changes is available below. 

Seat selection
All seat selection fee changes apply to all travel on or after December 7, 2022.

Clients travelling on an Econo or EconoFlex fare will be charged a fee for seat selection during check-in if they select a Preferred or Emergency Exit seat.

  • Standard seats will continue to be available at no charge.
  • Basic fares will continue to be charged seat selection during check-in.
  • WestJet Rewards Platinum and Delta top tier members will not pay for seat selection.
  • If no free seats remain at time of check-in, seat fees will be waived if you are assigned a preferred or emergency exit row seat.

More information on seat fees, click here

All baggage fee changes apply to tickets issued on or after January 17, 2023, for travel on or after January 17, 2023.

The fee to pay for checked bags at the airport counter will be $10 higher than the online/digital self-serve check-in fee.

WestJet are also increasing the following fees:

  • First bag fee for Basic fares on transatlantic routes.
  • Second bag fee for Basic, Econo and EconoFlex fares on transatlantic routes.
  • Excess baggage fees on Latin Caribbean and transatlantic routes.

For more informaton on the new fees, click here



CATSA Plus: The Future of Security Screening

If you have been through security screening recently at one of Canada’s major airports, you may have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of some security lines.

It’s called CATSA Plus. The new concept combines the latest equipment, technology and processes that have been successfully tested by CATSA at various airports over the last few years.

CATSA Plus has come to Toronto-Pearson, Vancouver, Halifax, and Edmonton airports, and more lines have been installed at Calgary, Montréal-Trudeau and Ottawa. 

CATSA Plus involves replacing standard screening lines with high-performance lines, while also addressing CATSA’s vision for seamless security. The “plus” represents enhanced security effectiveness and a more pleasant experience through the checkpoint for air travellers, as the new lines allow for improved customer service and passenger flow.

The rules for going through a CATSA Plus checkpoint are the same as at a regular screening line, however, with several people going through screening at once, here are some tips to keep in mind.  

Tips for Screening at CATSA Plus

CATSA Plus definitely looks different from the regular screening lines but the rules for screening are the same. For example, passengers should still be prepared to take out their 1 L bag of liquids, aerosols and gels, and their laptop, and put them into bins. 

However, with several people going through screening at once, it is a different experience than going through a regular screening line. The tips below can help you move more easily through CATSA Plus.

Loading the bins:

Before you get to the bins, place your valuables (e.g. money clips, watches and passports) and other small items in a jacket pocket or inside your carry-on bag, instead of leaving them loose in the bin.

You control the order in which you place your items in the bins, so if you have something that you want to keep an eye on, you should place it in the last bin you send to the X-ray.

After X-ray screening:

Take your bins from the screening line to the large tables provided and repack your belongings.

If you do not see all of your bins, then one (or more) required additional screening. Bins that undergo additional screening are automatically re-directed to a separate search line. You can repack your other items while you wait for the screening officer to call you to the search table.

All your bins are tracked by CATSA to ensure the safety of your belongings. 

If you have a common type of laptop, tablet or cellphone, we suggest you personalize it with a decal or label. This helps avoid mix-ups with someone else’s belongings while you are repacking.

Return your bin to the end of the line before you leave the checkpoint.